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Colour-In-Wash-Out Picnic Blanket

Colour-In-Wash-Out Picnic Blanket

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Our colour in picnic blanket rebels against boring lunches and will help keep your smallest family members in their places for the duration of your outdoor feast.

Lay the blanket on the floor, get out your pens and colour in the line art. Wash at 40 degrees to create another blank colouring sheet, ready to colour again. Who cares if you go outside the can have another try next time.

Please don't tumble dry -air dry only.

Cotton topped with a polyester backing, to avoid soggy bottoms, simply roll or fold when you're finished and pack into the handy bag. Starter pens are included but you'll want to add more for additional colours. Choose ultra washable pens (like Crayola) for the cleanest wash.


145cmx145cm Blanket

40x21x6cm Carry Bag

1 pack of basic washable pens