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Questions and Answers

Are your Mini Shoes washable?

Our Mini Shoes have a suede sole, so they are sold as wipe clean only. However, some of our customers have been known to wash them at 30 degrees on a hand wash setting. Please be aware that if you choose to do this (at your own risk) the soles of the shoes will become stiffer and less grippy.


What can I do if the sole of my child's Mini Shoes does get wet?

You can rough the suede back up by brushing hard with a very stiff bristled brush.


Are Mini Shoes safe for walking babies?

Yes! They have a suede sole -which is non slip.


My child has been sucking his Mini Shoes, is this safe?

Yes, the inks which are used to print the mini shoes are non toxic. Bulk production is tested to double check our shoes contain no banned substances which can harm your baby.


What does Poco Nido mean?

It's Spanish for Little Nest. (roughly)


Can the tube box travel through the post?

Yes, it's a postal tube, you just need to make sure the lid ends are secured with tape.


Does the owl have a name?

His name is Ludwig.